Homes & Rent

  • Median Home Value: $512,020
  • Average Rent: $2,192
  • Average Appreciation:  5.69% since 2000


Population & Growth

Washington has a population of over 7.1 million. Currently there are 11 cities with a population over 100k and that is continuing to grow. Washington is the 13th most populated state in the US. It is estimated to grow to 8.9 million by 2040.



Washington has more wealth than the majority of the country. The per capita income is $40k and a median household income of $77k. More than 13% of people working in healthcare and 9% in tech careers. There is a high rate of home ownership at 62% and 38% renters.

Popular Cities






Seattle has a population of 737,015, which makes it the largest city in Washington, but has over 4 million within the metro area. Median home values really jump in Seattle to over $910k and have an average rent of $2,899. Home ownership rates are low at 43% and 56% of people are renters. The appreciation since 2000 has increased at 5.35% per year.





The second largest city in Washington is the great city of Spokane with a population of 228,989. The median home value is $302k and rents are substantially cheaper than the state average at $1,535. However with a growing population prices are creeping up fast with an average appreciation of 5.32% but a 43% appreciation in real estate since 2020.