Homes & Rents

  • Median Home Value: $455,505
  • Average Rent: $1,819
  • Average Appreciation: 5.35% since 2000


Price-to-Rent Ratios

  • Portland: 22.2
  • Eugene: 18.8
  • Salem: 19.5
  • Bend: 21.1
  • Medford: 18

Population & Growth

With a population continuing to rise, Oregon sits at just over 4.3 million people. There  are some estimates that Oregon will reach 4.8 million by 2030, which is a 11% increase. Oregon currently is the 27th most
populated state in the US.



Oregon has a per capita income of $35k and a median household income of $65k, which is right on pace with the rest of the country. With a fairly young population, over 69% under the age of 54. Oregon has a home ownership
rate of 61% and 38% renters, while 8% is vacant.

Popular Cities





With a population of 666,252, Portland is the largest city in Oregon. Median home values reach $545k with average rent at$2,038. Portland has had an annual appreciation of 5.13% per year since 2000. Portland has
a very large metro area that includes a growing Vancouver, Washington and other growing cities surrounding Portland.





Eugene topped 180k people in 2022, and continues to fight with Salem for the number two spot for Oregon in regards to population. A median home value of $435k and average rent of $1,918 which gives Eugene 
price to rent ratio of 18.