Home & Rent prices

  • Median Home Value: $361,367
  • Average rent: $2,010
  • Average appreciation of 5.45% since 2000


Population & Growth

Arizona has a population over 6.6 million and growing steadily. With a five-year growth rate of over 5%, this makes Arizona a great place to invest. Arizona was once the leader in growth rate at 20%, however with rising home prices this has dropped off.



Per capita income is $32k which is slightly lower than the national average. A median household income of $61k. 24% of people who live in Arizona are between 35 and 54. There is a 64% home ownership rate while 36% of people rent and a 13% vacancy rate.

Most Popular cities





With a population of 1,608,139, Phoenix is one of the larger cities in America. A median home value of $361k and a 223% appreciation since 2000. Many people are flocking to the city from various parts of the country making Phoenix look very promising for the future.





South of Phoenix about two hours, sits Tucson with a population of 542,629. Home prices are more affordable at a $241k median home value. However, rents drop dramatically to an average of $1,290 which is 35% less than the state average. Appreciation since 2000 is at 150%





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